Providing instant and top-notch resources and services to accelerate project executions

About us

Freedomland provides IT services and resources in Europe since 2003. 

Working on different IT areas we have a deep knowhow and experience in design and realisation of various high-tech and complex solutions like ITSM, CRM, ERP, AI/BI, VOD.

Utilizing our partner eco-system we can provide skilled resources to enterprise customers of different industries to quickly realize their dreams.

We are expert in the following IT technologies: 

  1. ITSM, ITOM, ITIL (ServiceNow, Jira, BMC, CA)
  2. CRM (Oracle Siebel, Microsoft D365, SalesForce)
  3. ERP (Oracle, MS)
  4. AI/BI (Oracle, Microsoft, SAS)
  5. VOD (Ericsson, AWS, MS)

Company data:
Freedomland Hungary
Tax ID: HU12985265-2-13
Register ID: 01-09-315726
Bank: CIB 11100104-12985265-01000003


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